About Us

About Us


BCS, LLC is a full-service firm specializing in communication, civil engineering, surveying, right-of-way acquisition and environmental science. 

Chartered in 2010, BCS, LLC is ODOT pre-qualified in non-complex roadway design, bicycle facilities and enhancement design, limited and complex right-of-way plan development, ecological surveys, stream and wetland mitigation and right-of-way acquisition services.

The employees of BCS, LLC have extensive communication, engineering, surveying and right-of-way acquisition experience. Our right-of-way plan development team has well over 80 years of combined right-of-way plan and survey knowledge.

We have received state of Ohio Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certification.  We are also PEP certified in the city of Dayton and SBE approved with the city of Cincinnati MSDGC.

BCS, LLC is also registered in the U.S. government's System for Award Management (SAM).  


Our Team

R. Douglas Briggs P.E. (Ohio) P.S. (Ohio, W. Virginia)
Melinda Briggs
Communication Lead
John Baird
Environmental Science
Charles E. Bode
P.E. (Ohio) P.S. (Ohio)
Debra Bolling
Right-of-way acquisition agent
Laura Boyle
Office Manager
Michael Cahill
Paul W. Feie
P.S. (Ohio, Kentucky)
Brent A. Graham
Environmental Science
James Ruemping P.S. (Ohio)
Daryl L. Wells P.S. (Ohio)


photo of Mr. Briggs
R. Douglas Briggs

R. Douglas Briggs, P.E., P.S.

With more than 30 years of experience in engineering, surveying, transportation and energy solutions in both the public and private sector, Doug Briggs provides a vast knowledge of what works and what doesn't.

Doug brings the mulifaceted experience of 10 years of business ownership following extensive experience with the Ohio Department of Transportation and several private firms working in leadership positions with each orgainization. 

As business owner, Briggs has also partnered with many prominent engineering firms to perform transportation related projects and with Jim Yockey, CEO of Rocknoll Energy Systems, in the development and installation of solar and wind turbine energy solutions.

photo of Melinda
Melinda Briggs

Melinda Briggs

Melinda Briggs has more than 30 years of communication experience working with clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

She calls on that experience to help clients reach their goals through strategic communication. This includes writing, editing, content creation, social media strategy and management, public relations, crisis communication, photography, video production and graphic design.

Melinda has special focus on school public relations, managing communications for bond and levy campaigns, multi-million dollar construction projects, media relations and crisis communication. This work also content creation for websites and social media channels, video production, special publications, internal and external stakeholder communication and more.

BCS, LLC began as Briggs Creative Services, Melinda's freelance consulting business. Ten years later, Melinda is majority owner of a firm that provides top-notch service to both communications and engineering clients, bringing together the experience and strengths of the Briggs family under one umbrella.

photo of Mr. Bode
Charles Bode

Charles Bode, P.E., P.S.

Mr. Bode is a professional engineer and land surveyor in Ohio with over 27 years of experience, including three years with the U.S. Public Health Service.  He holds a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering and has contributed to various civil projects, including new roadway design, road reconstruction design, water and sewer system design, drainage studies, site development design, lighting design, subsurface utility engineering and water distribution studies. Mr. Bode is prequalified in ODOT right-of-way plan development.  


photo of laura boyle
Laura Boyle

Laura Boyle

Laura Boyle is the office manager for BCS, LLC. She has worked with the company since late 2015 in an administrative capacity and has taken ODOT right-of-way acquisition classes to familiarize herself with project documents in order to help co-workers and clients. She handles draft proposal preparation, contract preparation and review with clients and subconsultants, invoicing and payment tracking as well as review of project paperwork.

photo of Mr. Feie
Paul W. Feie

Paul W. Feie, P.S.

Mr. Feie is a registered professional surveyor in Ohio and Kentucky with nearly 40 years of experience. He is ODOT prequalified in right-of-way plan review and title research and has extensive experience in property resolution, ALTA surveys and record research. Mr. Feie is familiar with ODOT requirements and standards and has expertise with property research, especially in Hamilton County. Mr. Feie also has performed property research for Cincinnati MSD projects and numerous site development projects.

photo of Mr. Graham
Brent A. Graham

Brent A. Graham

Mr. Graham is ODOT prequalified in project management, title research, value analysis, negotiations and closings. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Miami University in environmental earth science, urban and regional planning.  In addition, he has more than 20 years of engineering field experience in geotechnical and environmental engineering, and holds a certificate in geographic information science (GIS).  Mr. Graham also has experience on surveying projects including boundary, topographic, and construction surveys. This experience provides a complete understanding of the projects being acquired.

photo of Mr. Wells
Daryl L. Wells

Daryl L. Wells, P.S.

Mr. Wells is a professional land surveyor who also has more than 35 years of title and courthouse research experience. His extensive survey and right-of-way plan experience allows for him to easily resolve the most complex title issues. Mr. Wells is ODOT prequalified in title research and is known for his thorough record research. His detail-oriented approach to projects is a valuable asset to the team especially when complex title situations occur.